Vivus group shares the vision of our illustrious Ex-President of India, Sri APJ Abdul Kalam to reach technology to the doorstep of the people with our mobile cath lab services; we are fulfilling our dream of redefining cardiac care at an affordable price. Our endeavors should bring shine to lives of many.
Vivus group offers a unique service of Mobile Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory for cardiac patients in semi urban and rural Karnataka. The sophisticated cardiac cath lab is housed in a 40 feet trailer, which is bacteria free and air conditioned. The trailer can be taken to any part of the state, on regular roads. The cardiac catheterization is done inside the trailer and recovery of patient occurs in any hospital or nursing home with modest facilities.
This has many advantages. Foremost, this avoids the inconvenience of patients traveling to big cities to avail the facilities. The procedure can be done in familiar surroundings with close family and friends available to the patient. This relieves the anxiety and apprehension of getting a procedure done in a big unfriendly, unfamiliar city. The family doctor, who is always a friend, philosopher and guide to rural people, can be present during the procedure to take immediate decision and offer solace to the patient. The cost of the procedure also is less, as the equipment with trailer, is far less expensive than a very sophisticated equipment with bigger infrastructure in a major hospital in the city.
Not all patients who have heart problem require bypass surgery or angioplasty. The angiogram can clearly tell the severity and extent of the heart problem. Patients with milder disease can be managed medically at their home town. Only patients with severe disease need to come to a city for advanced treatment like angioplasty or bypass surgery. This kind of screening further simplifies and reduces the cost of health care.
Initially patients are screened by their family doctor for evaluation of their heart problem. If patients are detected to have heart disease, then they are referred to the nodal centre, where a cardiologist from Vivus group will examine the patient and decide about the need for Coronary angiogram, on a designated date. Once a month, usually on a weekend, the mobile cath lab will come to the nodal centre and cardiologist of the Vivus group in association with the family doctor will conduct the test. If patient requires further treatment, then they are sent to Bangalore.