Our Hospitals
Vivus Group has taken quality healthcare closer to the citizens of Kodagu (Coorg), the paradise of beautiful valleys and rich coffee, by starting Vivus Hospital in Mercara (Madikeri).
Vivus Hospital Madikeri is a 50-bedded multi speciality Medical Health Care Centre with various specialties. It is located in the heart of Madikeri Town.
Vivus Hospital Madikeri is well equipped with departments of critical and general care in various specialties. The centre offers 24-hour accident and emergency services and accepts Medico-Legal cases and conducts master health checkups regularly.
DIAGNOSTIC SERVICES: Vivus Hospital has a full-fledged laboratory for various Pathological/ Haematological and Bio-chemical investigations. This helps in quicker, accurate diagnosis and treatment with total control on quality and accuracy of the tests. Computerized auto analysis including electrolytes testing & computerized cell counter for accurate & quick reports.
X-Ray: X-Ray facility 24 hours a day. 300 mA unit portable mobile X-ray facility for emergency / bed side X-ray's. We also have Ultra-Sound Scanning, Echo Cardiography & Colour Doppler facility to aid in faster diagnosis and treatment.
PHARMACY: The hospital has a pharmacy, which is open round the clock to provide timely medication for patients.
EMERGENCY SERVICES: Vivus Hospital is equipped with 24 hour casualty services with VENTILATOR, a Medical Officer is in service at casualty round the clock to deal with all types of emergencies - Cardiac, Surgical, Orthopaedic, Gynaec, Paediatric etc. All types of accidents including medico-legal cases are treated in our hospital. Respective consultant will be called in to attend to the critical patient within few minutes of patient's arrival. Consultant with necessary support will be ready in waiting if the arrival of the patient is notified in advance by phone.
VENTILATOR: Hospital is well equipped for complete medical & Cardiac Intensive Care management. Artificial breathing machine (ventilator) for patients with respiratory failure by poisoning, heart attacks etc., is available.
OPERATION THEATRE: Operation Theatre is well equipped with modern equipments to cater to all types of surgeries. UPS and centralised oxygen / gas supplies ensure problem free surgical procedures.
THE INTENSIVE CARE UNIT [I.C.U]: I.C.U is equipped with all modern facilities to manage critically ill patients such as acute Heart Attack (MI), Stroke, Pneumonia, Hypertensive Crises etc., We have Bed side ECG monitors, Defibrillators, Central Oxygen supply & suction facilities with well trained nursing staff to cater the needs of ICU patients. In case of emergencies, specialist's service is available round the clock.
DEPARTMENT OF GENERAL SURGERY: We have an experienced Surgeon who is well trained in most of the surgeries. Routinely performed surgeries include - Appendectomy, Hernia, Hydrocoel, Ulcer(GJ) operations, Varicose veins, Breast, Prostate & Paediatric surgeries, Circumcision etc. we deal with blunt abdominal traumas & other accidents.
DEPARTMENT OF ORTHOPAEDICS AND TRAUMATOLOGY: : It is headed by an experienced Orthopaedic surgeon expert in all the recent orthopaedic surgeries. All types of orthopaedic surgeries for fractures, joint injuries/ open fractures are being performed. Corrective surgeries for deformities-congenital or acquired - are also undertaken. Spine problems such as spondylosis / disc problems are also attended to. All types of accidents and trauma victims are attended to round the clock. Medico legal cases are also treated at our hospital.
DEPARTMENT OF MEDICINE & CARDIOLOGY: Vivus Hospital Medical Department is well equipped with all the modern facilities, experienced consultant Physicians to deal with all types of Cardiac, Respiratory and renal diseases, Diabetes, Hypertension & Neurological disorders.
We have the state of the art facilities like Echocardiogram with Colour Doppler and Computerised stress testing (Tread Mill Test) to work up the Cardiac status. Ultrasound Scanning, X-ray department and well equipped laboratory to carry out rapid and accurate diagnosis.
DEPARTMENT OF GYNAECOLOGY AND OBSTETRICS: The obstetricians at Vivus Hospital offer patients, consultations on obstetrics (pregnancy & related disorders), gynaecological complaints, infertility work up, from the time of conception to delivery, periodic antenatal check up, including Ultrasound Scanning is done to monitor the growth and well being of the foetus and necessary advice given.
Our hospital is well equipped with modern labour room facilities. Motto of our obstetricians is natural and normal delivery, however they are fully geared up to handle complicated pregnancies also. Courteous and trained nursing staffs attend to the nursing mother and newborn and make their stay at the hospital a pleasurable experience.
DEPARTMENT OF PAEDIATRICS: The Paediatric department at Vivus is well equipped in dealing with General care as well as intensive care of ill new born babies and older children including resuscitation. Neonatal unit has equipments for resuscitation and support at birth and Intensive Care Baby Incubator and monitoring system for subsequent care. We also have a Phototherapy unit to manage cases of jaundice.
E.N.T: E.N.T department is equipped with Microscope, Audiometer & all other facilities. Routinely following procedures are carried out - Tonsillectomy, Septoplasty, Rhimoplasty, Turbinectomy, Micro-ear surgeries, Micro-Laryngeal surgeries etc. Hearing aids can be provided. We deal even with allergy management. This facility is available 24 hrs.
DENTAL UNIT: Dental department is equipped with all Modern Facilities. Various procedures are carried out - Tooth extraction, Root canal treatment, Periodontal Surgery/Flap Surgery, Orthodontic treatment, complete dentures, Dental problems related to children and Oral cavity, Cosmetic dental treatment etc.
NEPHROLOGY & UROLOGY: Nephrology unit is equipped with two state-of-the-art Haemodialysis Machines (NIKKISO DBB - 26) to carry out dialysis for patients with renal failure, both acute and chronic. Trained dialysis technician is available round the clock. Procedures in Urology such as TURP, Cystoscopy etc are carried out by visiting urologist once a month.
CT SCAN UNIT: CT Scan unit is equipped with state of art SIEMENS CT SCAN EQUIPMENT - SOMTATOM AR HP with slip-ring technology. A well-qualified team of paramedical staff and radiologists is managing the facility. Immediate and precise reporting is done using the latest SAKSHAM tele-radiology software. This facility is available 24 hours.