The Cardiac Research Academy (CRA) is a nonprofit organization with the ultimate goal of reducing the incidence of cardiac disease. Originally conceived in 1999, it aims to grow into a national organization dedicated to protect people from the scourge of CVD through research and education.
The incidence of cardiac ailments is on the rise in India. Trends in India, over a 30-year period, indicate an increase in the proportion of patients with Coronary Heart Disease from 4% to 33% in tertiary care centers. Indications are, that in India, almost 2.5 million people die annually, due to cardiovascular disease (CVD).
Cardiac Research Academy aims to search for and promote tools to fight death and disability from CVD.The Academy will help carry out scientific research into the prevention, detection and treatment of CVD. The Academy also intends programs to raise awareness of the disease, and offer support through public.
Currently the Academy is running major clinical studies. The Standard Operating Procedures ensures data generation that can submit to international peer review and GCP /ICH /FDA requirements. In addition we intend to pursue pure research. Initial projects on heart autopsies as well as biomedical material using cell lines are being planned.
Analysis and data management of all charity Cardiac Checkup camps, run by Heart Centre, is also under the purview of the Academy.
The camps were held in the following places:
ALIPUR (17-9-00): A total number of 112 patients were screened. Infarction. total Patients recruited; 91
GANDHINAGAR (05-11-00): A total of 104 patients were screened in this camp.
CHELLAKERE (17-12-00): A total number of 93 patients were screened.
SALIGRAMA (1ST CAMP ON 27-01-01) (2ND CAMP ON 17-03-02): A total number of 259 patients were screened.
CAMP FOR YOUTH (VALENTINE DAY-14-02-01): A total number of 25 people participated in this camp.
HOSKOTE (24-06-01): A total number of 269 patients were screened.
SHIVAJINAGAR (13-10-01): About 400 people were screened in this particular locality.
KUSHALNAGAR (14-11-01): A total number of 94 patients were screened.
CHINTAMANI (1ST CAMP ON 10-02-02) (2ND CAMP ON 11-06-02): A total number of 302 patients were screened.
POLICE CAMP (08-03-02): A total number of 152 police personel from 4 police stations (High Grounds, Sadashivnagar, Sheshadripuram and Vyalikaval). were screened.
B.W.S.S.B CAMP (18-05-02): A total number of 76 employees were screened.
GAURIBIDANUR CAMP (08-12-02): A total number of 108 patients were screened.
CHINTAMANI CAMP (25-01-03): A total number of 201 patients attended the camp.
BANK OF BARODA CAMP (25-05-03): A total number of 25 employees were screened for their cardiac status.
Press Club:
A total number of 229 patients attended the camp.
Thirupathi - A total number of 195 patients attended the camp.
VLCC - A total number of 45 patients attended the camp.
Hindupur - A total number of 105 patients attended the camp.
Health camp - A total number of 976 patients attended the camp.
Cardiological society Of India - A total number of 1261 patients attended the camp.
ISRO - A total number of 1798 patients attended the camp.
BMTC - A total number of 3259 patients attended the camp.
Gandhibazar - A total number of 226 patients attended the camp.
KSRTC - A total number of 309 patients attended the camp.
Indian Airlines - A total number of 76 patients attended the camp.
Training and Knowledge dissemination:
The center has been approved for conducting DNB courses in cardiology.
Technical courses for graduates in Non Invasive technology have been started and the second batch recruitment was done in September 2002.
A highly popular, two month, part time course in ECG and Cardiac reorientation, for General Physicians has reached the seventh batch.
Two Fellowship programs in Invasive and Non invasive technology have been applied for recognition.